Cycle Wheeling Ramps

Cycle wheeling ramps help assist cyclists with easy movement up and down stairs.

  • Protection for cycle for smooth freewheeling.
  • Heavy duty galvanized steel finish for all weather protection.
  • Cycle wheeling ramps can be fitted to any staircase.
  • The best solution for fitting is close
  • approx 200mm to one edge of staircase wall or side.
  • So ramp does not become an obstruction for people walking up and down staircase.
  • Also handle bars and pedals clashing with wall and handrails.
  • Channel type design to stop wheels from straying

Cycle Wheeling ramps will

  • Increase assessibity for cyclists
  • Stop obstruction of path of other pedestrians when cycles and carry on staircase
  • Help pedestrians and cyclists share the use of staircase
  • Faster and safer flow of cyclists and pedestrians

If a Cycle Wheeling Ramps would benefit for your staircase and help cyclists get to their destination please call 02476 451636 or email us at for a free quotation or site visit

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